Kåre Blakstad is a Scala-developer at FINN.no, the Norwegian corporate equivalent of Craigslist. He usually works on the Scala core API's, but is sometimes forced to work on Java-projects. He tries to keep these disturbances to a minimum. Kåre has been working with Scala for only about 6 months and this is some of the reason why he wants to share some of the early experiences with others debating whether or not to use this epic language.

He is also a very eager beer brewer, and might have something to do with people getting a bit tipsy during flatMap 2013. Also, as you can see on the picture, he is extremely outdoorsy, and practically lives in the mountains.

Faced with the "Classic" Java API - a sinkhole of hacks and technical debt - and the Finn veteran's deep lust to learn Scala, a new Scala REST API project was spawned. Consultants got hired, the coffee dispenser was filled and the task of creating a brand new API for some of the core functionality of the company was undertaken. This talk will deal with challenges associated with adapting a new programming paradigm in a OO/Java heavy organization, the side-effects that arose when throwing the old code out, choice of frameworks, performance issues and whatever else we have time to talk about.

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