Jonas started programming the moment he got his first computer as a 11 year old, and after working with .NET for 11 years he has gained broad experience and in–depth knowledge of the .NET Framework and the C# programming language. Over the last few years one of his passions has been for programming languages in general, and functional programming in particular. Jonas is currently working for BEKK as a scientist, doing both project-work as well as keeping track of new technologies and techniques for software development.

Jonas is an active member of and contributor to the Norwegian developer community. He is an experienced speaker from both local user groups and larger conferences like TechEd, REMIX, MSDN Live, JavaZone, Smidig, ROOTS, Functional Programming Day and NDC.

In this 30 minute presentation, using live coding, Jonas will introduce F# Type Providers. The presentation will demonstrate how Type Providers offer a new way to consume data in a statically typed language. Type Providers is a mechanism that enables developers to write components that uses compile-time metaprogramming to produce new types.

Type Providers enables scenarios such as consuming a SQL database or Web Service without using traditional code generation or mapping classes. It also enables new scenarios where traditional code generation techniques would not be feasible, like consuming massive data sets such as or statistical data from The World Bank, all in a statically typed way with benefits such as statement completion and compile time checking.

The last part of the presentation will discuss planned features for Macros that will enable similar scenarios in future versions of Scala.

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