Nathan Hamblen is founder of a number of Scala free software projects including Dispatch, giter8, and the Scala release announcement site He is a co-founder of the Unfiltered toolkit for servicing HTTP requests in Scala, co-organizer of the ny-scala Meetup, and Director of Engineering at Meetup.

Scala Notebook provides a new way of interacting with the language, a middle ground between the austerity of the text-mode REPL and the grandiosity of an IDE. The project, based on IPython Notebook, harnesses the REPL to a local HTTP server so that you can work with Scala in the most popular interface of our time — the web browser.

What Scala Notebook hasn't had in its public form is a way to visualize data beyond HTML tables. This talk will explore a new fork of Scala Notebook that renders data in Scalable Vector Graphics, the standard visual language of the web. Going a step further, we'll leverage the popular D3 JavaScript library to smoothly manipulate SVG using live data from Scala Notebook cells.

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Unfiltered and Dispatch are two independent libraries that are built with the same philosophy: HTTP libraries have no business telling you how to build your application. But in this workshop, we'll give you some ideas of how to do that.

Jon-Anders Teigen and Nathan Hamblen will build and explain an Unfiltered web site that reflects current real-world conditions using web services accessed through Dispatch.